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Juliana. 20. Pisces. I was born on February 25th - same day as George. Brazilian. The only living girl in Rio de Janeiro. Musician. Songwriter. Red to the left. Human Rights, Law, Politics and Music. Critical sense makes evolution and revolution. Bands are cool. And I'm a Troxley Girl for sure.
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do you ever listen to your favourite band and think


"I love this band a lot"

"fuck man"

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Photo taken by Pattie Emerson in 1967. Pattie was a 14 year old fan who knocked on George’s door and was given an orange soda by him while he chatting and signed autographs for her.


my wallet is empty just like my soul

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when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 

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Only available on the Fierce Panda CD. Apparently Tim's told some fans that he saw some music on the family piano titled "Allemande", so was inspired by the title. "Allemande" was played live a few times during 2004. It also appeared on the EP Live Recordings 2004, on the Japanese version of Hopes and Fears and on the "Bend and Break" single.

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